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New Addiction Book "I Am Your Disease - The Many Faces of Addiction"


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Stop Gambling SoftwareBetfilter

Stop Gambling Software

We also have just released a brand new stop gambling software product called Betfilter which is specially designed to block access to online gambling. Bet Filter is 100% discrete and can not be un-installed during the license period. This makes it a very effective gambling filter to help people with online gambling problems.

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Gambling Recovery SystemSTOP Gambling Now with this Addiction Recovery System

STOP Gambling Now with this Addiction Recovery System

This 21 Step Program
is the most comprehensive and complete
gambling recovery program available in the world today.

We are the New York Distributor and couple our vast addictions expierence with this program to offer the best method to stop gambling. We also sell this book as part of the therapy.


Money Addictions of America
Mr. Ganzer has been in the addictions and mental health field for many years and is a specialist in the treatment of problem gamblers and those with spending, shopping and other money addictions.


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This Public Web Forum is for mental health professionals and those suffering from problem gambling, substance abuse, eating disorders, co-dependency and other addictions.

It is also serving mental health professionals who wish to contribute important information for people viewing this site.


Heiko Ganzer is a Board Certified  Hypnotherapist and can HypnoCoach you to do better or relieve certain unwanted characteristics. In addition he can help with sports and educational performance via development of focus and a reduction of fears. 

The five things you should know before seeing a Hypnotherapist

1. The Hypnotherapist you see should be Board Certified.

2. Hypnotherapist should offer a copy of a video tape of the session.

3.Find out the cost of the session as most insurance does not cover it.

4.Make sure your sports coaches or family is aware that you are doing this so they can track your progress.


We practice EMDR following the accepted principals taught by PESI workshops


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Learn about our co-operative practice and some of the clinical methods used by our Phoenix Board Certified therapists.


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We offer mediation, lecture, and workshops for all types of organizational problems!


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Offering assistance resolving conflict and difficulty of all kinds. Specializing in substance abuse, addictions, marital or relationship problems. I also offer organizational, business coaching, and personal mediation as well as communication training to staff or individuals.

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